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Borescope Inspection

Borescope Inspection

By using the latest fibre-optic technology, Apex Property Care are able to inspect some of the most inaccessible areas for potential problems without causing any major disruption. Traditionally, to inspect these areas meant a very messy exposure works, in other words, removing the plaster or cutting the panels in walls to see what was behind them. In the case of any pre-sale surveys where the current owner may be unwilling to have exposure works, this technology is especially useful.

Without further investigation the potential purchaser is taking a very expensive risk. The Borescope will reduce this risk and will give a clearer indication of the most likely extent of any damage it finds. All that is required is the drilling of a small hole, usually around 14mm; the Borescope is then inserted enabling examination of the suspect areas.

This is especially useful for beam ends and timber lintels which are normally concealed by plasterwork. Not only does the technology reduce disruption and damage, it is also less costly. The equipment can be used to inspect voids below floors and behind lath and plaster walls.
This low mess, sophisticated technology gives us more information, enabling accurate diagnosis of problems without the messy disturbance or damage.

At Apex Property Care we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the very best in property care services and advice. We are one of Scotland's leading Property Care and Preservation companies, offering a variety of traditional and non-destructive solutions to treat common household afflictions.

As a member of the Property Care Association, part of GPT Insurance, Apex aims to provide house owners with complete peace of mind from the initial survey to completion. The benefits are numerous and significant, as our many satisfied customers will testify.

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