Damp Specialists in Edinburgh

Damp Proofing Edinburgh

Damp Proofing Edinburgh

Damp proofing is a protective process that ensures moisture cannot pass through the walls of a building and into the interior. Here at Apex Property Care Ltd our damp proof service involves placing a barrier in the walls of a building that prevents rising damp problems that are most prevalent in modern homes and older types of building.

Prior to introducing any damp proofing methods, it is vital to correctly diagnose the actual source of dampness. Is it rising damp? condensation? penetrating damp? or just simple floor/wall junction bridging? Get this diagnosis wrong and the remediation is likely to be wrongly specified. Dampness will then persist, and costs incurred in treating the 'wrong' dampness will be totally wasted.

It is therefore essential that the specialist surveyor has the knowledge, experience and appropriate instrumentation to clearly identify the different causes of dampness. At Apex Property Care we have the expertise and the experience. Whatever the cause of dampness, our surveyors will recommend the most cost effective action. We will give our clients, large or small, the full confidence in both the diagnosis and solution of the damp proofing problem.

Book our services today by calling 0131 313 2093 if you would like to prevent:

  • Dry and Wet Rot
  • Wood-boring beetles
  • Rusting and corrosion of nails, screws, steel and iron fittings.
  • Mould on walls.
  • Musty Smells.
  • Damage to decorations

Damp Specialists in Edinburgh: Damp Proofing for Your Home

This low mess, sophisticated technology gives us more information, enabling accurate diagnosis of problems without the messy disturbance or damage.

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