Dry Rot in Edinburgh

Dry Rot In Edinburgh

Dry Rot in Edinburgh

Condensation is water which has condensed on a colder object after previously being a vapour contained within the air.

Why Does It Occur?

There are three main reasons:

  • Too much moisture in the air
  • Large air temperature variations
  • Large surface temperature variations

What Do We Do?

At Apex our main aim is to solve all your potential building problems. Our surveyors are all qualified to specify restorative building treatments and give you a professional diagnosis. We have data loggers which enable us to continually monitor the relative humidity in various parts of your home, so you can be sure of getting reliable advice on the best possible solution.

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How Can We Reduce Condensation?

This can be achieved by the following (depending on the building and its occupants):

Reducing the amount of moisture in the air

  • Use our Techni-Dri non-destructive drying systems and dehumidifiers
  • Install mechanical ventilators in the kitchen and bathroom and keep the doors closed
  • Refrain from drying clothes within the property unless using an outside vented tumble dryer or machine with an internal condenser
  • Avoid the use of portable liquid gas heaters
  • Install trickle ventilators in windows
  • Open windows

Reducing air temperature variations

  • Install a heating system which will heat the building evenly avoiding systems which give out large amounts of heat over a short period of time.
  • Insulate the building avoiding measures which will restrict airflow.

If you continue to have problems after carrying out the above recommendations we would then recommend routes to reduce surface temperature variations.

Reduce Surface temperature variations

  • Install insulation to internal wall surfaces where condensation occurs regularly.
  • Install double glazing if there is a particular problem with a window. NB it is important when doing this not to restrict air flow. The windows should incorporate trickle ventilation

Wet Rot and Dry Rot in Edinburgh

Wet Rot, although not as serious as Dry Rot, is still a common cause of structural defects.

Wet Rot requires a high moisture content within timber over a long period to become active. When the moisture is removed, the fungus growth ceases.

Characteristics of Wet Rot are smaller cuboidal splits or cracks and the darkening of timber.

The decay is commonly confined to the wood interior, leaving a thin surface veneer of apparently sound timber. The fungus produces very little surface mycelium, however thin, brown branching strands are regularly formed on the surface of attacked timber. The fruiting body is rarely found on timber in buildings.

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