Woodworm Treatments in Edinburgh


Specialist Woodworm Treatments in Edinburgh

The name "woodworm" is used to describe a number of species of wood boring insects.

The presence of damage caused by wood boring insects does not always mean the insect is active, that is why correct identification and diagnosis is essential.

The Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum) is responsible for around 75% of all infestation damage to property and attacks mostly softwood.

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Damp Specialists in Edinburgh

Wood is a durable material which is resistant to most biological degrading providing it remains dry.

Prolonged wetting of timber leads to an increased risk of wood rotting fungi.

Unfortunately, it only takes one fungus spore to infect a section of wood, so we must prevent the spores from germinating if the timber is to remain free from fungal attack.

The spores are like the seeds of flowering plants; they only germinate and grow into fungus under certain conditions. In practice it is impossible to keep timber completely sterile and free from spores, but the infestation will not develop unless conditions are favourable. In other words, we must ensure that the spores remain inactive, just like a packet of seeds in a garden centre.

Some fungi require expensive treatments, others very little or none at all. The key is to identify the fungus type correctly so that only necessary treatments are carried out.

Two of the most common fungus are:

  • Dry Rot
  • Wet Rot

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